Expert Assessment of Economic Loss
 and Analysis of Insurance Policies
Kevin M. Reopel, FSA, MAAA
Member, National Association of Forensic Economics

Although there are many kinds of experts that could assess economic loss, only actuaries, through special training and experience and through rigorous professional standards of practice, are formally trained and experienced in the skills needed to assess the impact of life and other contingencies in determining the economic value of future monetary events.   

Kevin Reopel is a credentialed actuary who has worked extensively with insurance company attorneys and underwriters, and with state insurance department attorneys, actuaries and other regulators for over 35 years.  With a deep understanding of the industry, in addition to his actuarial training and experience, he has the skills necessary to expertly    and successfully    assist attorneys in litigation proceedings.  
A credentialed actuary with over 35 years of life insurance industry experience including:
  • determining cash flow projections, and their discounted and future values (in evaluating premiums, dividends, expenses, and reserves)

  • developing insurance contracts and applications, and securing regulatory approval in all 50 states and D.C.

Litigation Services

For Plaintiff Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, and Judges


  • Preliminary review
  • Detailed assessment 
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Other related services
Insurance Policy Analysis
For Individual Clients 
and their Attorneys 
  • Premium payment options
  • Life and annuity benefit  levels, options 
  • Policy change rights
  • Other related analysis
An Actuary: Unparalleled Experience and Qualifications 
As an actuary who has drafted and developed insurance and annuity contracts for major life insurance companies, he is able to provide, in plain English, a thorough analysis and description of a client's in-force insurance policies. 
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A Strong, Qualified Expert for Plaintiff or Defense
  • Disability income benefit provisions